DSMA Live with Manny Hernandez on 9/15/2011

Listen to Manny on DSMA Live, 9 PM EST (Live Feed)
Manny Hernandez (@askmanny) is a nonprofit leader, a recognized social media author and a passionate diabetes advocate. He is a frequent speaker at international conferences about health and social media and has been interviewed by The NY Times, NPR, Fox News Health and Bloomberg News on these topics. He authored “Ning for Dummies” and has collaborated in other books on social media and health 2.0.

Manny heads the Diabetes Hands Foundation (DHF), a nonprofit that connects people touched by diabetes through TuDiabetes.org (in English) and EsTuDiabetes.org (in Spanish) and raises diabetes awareness through programs like Big Blue Test, No-Sugar Added Poetry and HealthSeeker. DHF offers information and support to nearly 200K people around the world every month.

Please visit TuDiabetes.org (English) or EsTudiabetes.org (in Spanish)

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  1. [...] on twitter).  Manny takes the word “Advocate” to the next level.  Involved in so many projects that benefit people with diabetes and the community, online and off, I often wonder when he [...]

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