After Thoughts: Abby Bayer

Abby Bayer

Ever heard of “Abby the Alcohol Swab“?  Listen to the show, and you’ll hear all about how Abby found her super powers…

With a family history of nursing, great experiences helping kids at Clara Barton Diabetes Camp, and inspiration from her incredible CDE, Abby decided she wanted to become a CDE and help people live better with diabetes.

She went to school and got her credentials as a registered nurse. Then she recently landed a job with an outpatient center at a diabetes clinic, which will count towards both requirements for the CDE exam (2 years of professional practice experience and 1000 hours of diabetes self management education).

We talked with Abby about blogging, and how she got started working with Kerri.

We heard about Abby giving her nurse shots during her diagnosis hospital stay, which we all agreed was incredibly special of that nurse.

We had a bunch of fun with the questions from the chat, designed to be sung to the tune of “The 12 Days of Christmas”, and we were all very impressed with the witty quips the DOC came up with on Wednesday nights.

The show was a lot of fun, and I hope you’ll share some time with us and check it out.

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  1. Mike Hoskins says:

    Great show, Abby! Thanks for being a part of it. And can’t wait to see a recreation someday of Abby the Alcohol Swab!

    • Stephanie says:

      I need an easy to understand group of ripceies to fix for my newly labeled diabetic husband. The info given to me is not understandable; milk is a no-no in some diet suggestions and suggested as OK in a few ripceies beyond the no-no. I could list several foods which are OK versus no-no either on line or in free booklets given to me by local grocery store pharmacies. I’m afraid that I ll fix dangerous meals due to mystery info that keeps showing up. And then my husband will double his lack of energy, his lack of hunger and his lack of joy and happiness from past years. I’ve spent hours on the computer and am still very confused about the do’s and don’ts I deal with during each meal I have to put together safely three times a day. It is a very frightening experience. Where do I get help?

      • Hi Stephanie,

        I’m not a trained dietitian, so I can’t offer anything more than my opinions. Each of us has different needs, so it would be best to get some help from a registered dietitian or nutritionist if possible. As far as places I would turn to online for help? I would go to for lots of input and help with questions, they are a wonderful community based site with very active discussions. I might also look at for recipes and some general education.

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