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After Thoughts: 1 Happy Diabetic!

Collage of the 1 Happy Diabetic team

Collage of the 1 Happy Diabetic team
I know I say this every week – but what a great show last night!

We talked with Bill Woods and the team at 1 Happy Diabetic.  Bill has been doing videos about his life with diabetes for years.  They are a very refreshing look at life with diabetes, and while often tackling some not-so-happy topics, Bill has always found a way to leave you feeling good.  It’s incredibly empowering.  Some of his work is even being used for training EMT’s and law enforcement personnel.  Very cool.

To take things to the next level, Bill has pulled together a great group of people to provide even more videos and content.  It’s a very exciting step, and I can’t wait to watch these folks work together.

As the show was going on, I happened to catch a very cool blurb in the chat room:

Screen shot of the chat room during the show

joltdude: Indirectly I think Bill helped me put in my second sensor .. courtesy of youtube

We heard from Mike, Yogi, and Suzanne last night, only missing Ryan who was probably off walking with cougars in South America somewhere, as well as a couple members of the diabetes community.  One caller (Bode? Brode?) said he was so inspired by Bill that he is going to start making his own videos!  That is advocacy in action right there!

The whole show was a lot of fun, and I hope you’ll take some time to check it out.  Thank you Bill and everyone from 1 Happy Diabetic!

– Scott K. Johnson

– Stream the showDownload the MP3 (~15MB), or  grab the podcast via iTunes.  Please forgive the advertisements at the beginning. We are looking for sponsors to help us get rid of the advertisements (can you help?).  Until then? We’re stuck with them.  

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DSMA Live with Bill Woods on 9/29/2011

Bill Woods Head Shot

Bill Woods, 1Happy Diabetic

Listen to DSMA Live with Bill Woods, 9 PM EST (Live Feed

Bill Woods was born in Bristol Connecticut.  He is married to his loving wife Chrissi and a proud father.  Bill attended Bristol Eastern High School where he was a successful three sport athlete and National Honor Society member.  He was inducted into the National Collegiate Academic Hall of Fame in 1998.

In College Bill went on to play Division II football at Bentley University in Waltham Massachusetts.  At Bentley University Bill excelled in athletics and academics.  Bill was Vice President of Bentley’s Marketing Association, Student Government Academic Affairs officer, Member of the Bentley Leadership Council, and Health Services Student Representative.  He graduated on the President’s List with a Marketing Degree in 2002.

Bill was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of eight, at Uconn Medical Health Center.  Bill has over 22 years of personal type 1 diabetes experience.  His passion for diabetes awareness and positive encouragement for other people with diabetes has been his personal mission.

Bill made his first video on living with Diabetes in 2007.  Since that time Bill has become the most recognized Diabetic Vlogger on the internet.  With Bill’s positive attitude and creativeness his videos have surpassed over 700,000 views.  His videos have been featured on multiple diabetes sites including, TuDiabetes.org, Diabeticconect.com, DiabeticRockstar.com, WebMD, DiabetesDaily.com, ChildrenwithDiabetes.com, and many more.

Bill is the founder of 1HappyDiabetic.com a website that encourages people with diabetes to live a happy and healthy diabetic life.  1HappyDiabetic.com is a social website for people with diabetes and family members to share their diabetes experiences and learn from each other.  1HappyDiabetic’s motto is that “it’s all about your attitude,” a place where you can find a friend with diabetes.

Bill was awarded the 2009 TuDiabetes.org Creative Mind award voted on by the diabetic online community.   His award winning videos for “Making Sense of Diabetes” led the way in spreading awareness of diabetes through internet video creation.

Bill Woods is a member of the Diabetes Online Community.  He has an active role in the Diabetes Hands Foundation’s Diabetes Advocate program.  The Diabetes Advocate program includes diabetes bloggers and diabetes online communities working together to conduct outreach programs.

Bill’s “Real Stories” video is featured on the Global Diabetes Handprint foundation website.  This foundation is designed to bring people touched by diabetes together.  The Global Diabetes Handprint Foundation is sponsored by OneTouch.

Bill is the proud President of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation Young Leadership Committee focusing on networking, social events, and fundraising for research to cure diabetes.  Bill is also on the Board of Directors for the Central CT and Western MA JDRF chapter.

Contact Bill at Bill@1happydiabetic.com

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